Pick two brands that are competitors. You will compare the

Pick two brands that are competitors. You will compare the social media use of these two brands answering the following questions. Please look at the brands over one year. (You can choose the year if there is a reason.)

  1. What are the keywords associated with each brand? This will be your first step. Determining what keywords the brand is using OR its customers are using about it.
  2. Which channels is the brand using most effectively? (Or just using)
  3. What are the predominent trending themes?
  4. Brand sentiment. Do people like the brand? Note if a crisis occurs in your brand I will expect you to devote time to figuring out how they handle (or don’t) handle it.
  5. Key Influencers. Who is driving the conversation about the brand? For non-profits the top 5% of their social media followers will drive 85% of the conversation reaching more people than most email lists.

Using the information above make some conclusions about each brands social media strategy. Who appears to be more effective? Why is that?

Please choose your brands from the following categories

  • Sports teams
  • Television shows
  • Movies
  • Restaurants (nationwide chains)
  • Airlines
  • Consumer products – pick two of the same type  … two detergents, two brands of ice cream

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