Topic 1 There are common sources of stress that adults

 Topic 1

There are common sources of stress that adults encounter, including school, grades, finances, work, family, friends, lack of sleep, etc. On the Discussion board please comment on the routine stress related to the pressures of work, family, and other daily responsibilities in your life.  Also, create a list of stress management techniques you have attempted and the success and challenges of these.

topic 2 


Please go to this link and choose a sleep topic for the discussion board: 

Sleep Foundation: Science of Sleep

Write the title of the topic article that you read:

List and define any terms that you did not understand:

Discuss the findings and respond to these questions.                                                                                 

“What?” – What surprised you? What was new to you? What are 3 important findings?

“So What?” – What is important about these findings? What would you tell a friend about this?  Why does this learning matter to you?

“Now What?” – What will you continue to do, or do differently because of what you read and discussed? What else would you like to learn regarding this topic?

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