Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students You will produce

 Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students You will produce an individual illustrated journal of no more than 6no. A3 pages (landscape) (Excluding front page, Content page and Reference List). The illustrated journal needs to include all of the following: 

1. Select a construction industry problem related to forms of waste discussed during the module, including a  short description and a statement that clearly and concisely defines the scope of the problem.

 2. Justify (through industry and academic literature) why this is a problem, who the problem affects, and the impact of the problem. 

3. Critically analyse possible solutions to the problem from learning during this module AND independent research.

 4. Provide a visual illustration that links the problem to the solutions, i.e. fishbone diagram or another suitable visual tool.

 5. A visual improvement model which summarises HOW the problem can be solved.

 6. The illustrated journal should use an effective combination of text AND images to provide an interesting and visually engaging document. All images should be relevant and of an appropriate size and quality. 

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