Identify the situational factors that may have contributed to Sally’s


  • Identify the situational factors that may have contributed to Sally’s action.
  • Explain whether Sally is fully responsible for her action.
  • Explain how Sally’s treatment may or may not differ from a male pedophile.

Support your position using examples and traits from the Learning Resources and other academic sources.

 A Battle of Deviance: Session 5 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE SPEAKER: I guess today they call it a religious cult, a commune or something, but I didn’t do anything about it. I thought everyone live that way. It was my family. FEMALE SPEAKER: Did you go to a regular school? FEMALE SPEAKER: No, I was home-schooled along with all the other kids. We weren’t allowed to go outside the commune without permission, and they never gave it anyway. FEMALE SPEAKER: Who’s they? FEMALE SPEAKER: The men. They were in charge. They took care of everything. We did whatever they told us. FEMALE SPEAKER: Is that where the abuse started? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. Of course, we didn’t think about it like that. It wasn’t abuse. It’s just what it was. FEMALE SPEAKER: What kind of abuse was it? FEMALE SPEAKER: We got beaten a lot when we did something wrong or maybe to keep us from doing something wrong before we actually did it. And the abuse was sexual too. Again, I thought it was just normal. FEMALE SPEAKER: And then things changed when they made me get married. His name was Bert. I think he was about 30, 40 years older than me. He beat me on our wedding night when he found out I wasn’t a virgin. FEMALE SPEAKER: How old were you when you married him? FEMALE SPEAKER: 13. He took me away from the family, but the way he treated me it was still like being in the commune. FEMALE SPEAKER: You mean the abuse? FEMALE SPEAKER: He was the boss of everything. I got pregnant, but I guess he got tired of me, because we didn’t stay together. We got divorced after I had my little boy. That’s when I met Randy. A Battle of Deviance: Session 5 © 2017-2021 Walden University, LLC 2 FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s OK. Take your time. Would you like a tissue? FEMALE SPEAKER: I married Randy and that was hard. It was like everything that was wrong in my life was happening all over again. He beat me, made me do things, said I was a slave and I better go along with it or it get bad for me. FEMALE SPEAKER: What did he make you do, Sally? FEMALE SPEAKER: He was into S&M. And I had to do whatever he wanted or he’d hurt me real bad. FEMALE SPEAKER: And then you were arrested. Want to talk about how that happened? FEMALE SPEAKER: Sure. Randy he could never get enough, you know, sexually. He was always wanting to try new things. And I had to go along whether I wanted to or not. FEMALE SPEAKER: This one time he made me get into bed with my son. I think it was right around his 10th birthday. He made my son and I have sex while Randy watched. It was oral at first, and then it was everything. FEMALE SPEAKER: Was this just the one time? FEMALE SPEAKER: No. It happened a lot after that a couple of times a week. And Randy he started recording it with his camera and he’d watch the movies at night and whatever I said I wanted to stop, he threatened to show them to the cops if I ever told anyone what we were doing. It said I’d go to jail and my son will be taken away from me. I was so confused. I don’t know how things got so bad. I just wanted to die. I would have killed myself, but I was too afraid, you know. I thought if I died, then Randy would have control over my boy. I couldn’t let that happen. I guess getting arrested was a good thing, because it turned out to be the only way to get away from Randy. FEMALE SPEAKER: What happened? FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t know exactly. Someone must of heard or reported something, because the police showed up at her place one day. The next thing I know, the cops found the movies and everything that Randy was threatening came true. I got arrested for child pornography and abuse of a minor, they said. And my son got taken from me. Damn Randy. He’s to blame for all of this. A Battle of Deviance: Session 5 © 2017-2021 Walden University, LLC 3 FEMALE SPEAKER: What about you, Sally? Do you feel any responsibility? FEMALE SPEAKER: For what? Randy is the one who did it all to me and to my son. We are the victims here, and I’m the one who got arrested. Where’s the justice in that? Where? [MUSIC PLAYING] A Battle of Deviance: Session 5 Additional Content Attribution FOOTAGE: AACE1A-005 (MS-Sally) TC: 11:36:17:09 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. AACE2A-007 (MS-Sally) TC: 13:21:17:16 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. GettyLicense_687038718 (White pillow and blanket on messy bed with people legs closeup in bedroom background) Credit: Wandeaw/ iStock / Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images AACE2A-022 (CU-Hands) TC: 14:41:43:14 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. AACE1A-018 (MS-Sally) TC: 12:32:11:07 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. GettyLicense_133415199 (Beauty legs/ Relaxed long legged model in mens xl white cotton shirt) Credit: ideeone/ E+/ Getty Images AACE1A-018 (MS-Sally) TC: 12:31:53:05 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. GettyLicense_497580189 (A teddy bear and an open book on a messy bed) Credit: photography by Kate Hiscock/ Moment Open/ Getty Images AACE2A-024 (CU-Sally) TC: 14:43:31:23 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc 

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