Read the following: You will create a Word Document with the following information and upload it as an attachment below: 1) Write one page (minimum) review of this article and include how it relates to the concepts we have been studying in this Economics class. 2) Based on this article, and the concepts we have been studying, write 5 questions (including answers) that you would ask if you were the instructor. Your questions must relate the articles to the economic terms and concepts included in Ch 8 and 9. Defining terms will receive zero credit, they must be critical thinking questions. Economics terms and concepts: Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, interest rate Effect, The international trade effect, exchange rate, appreciated, velocity, Natural Real GDP, Saw’s Law, the 3 states of the economy( recessionary gap, inflationary gap, long-run equilibrium), state of the labor market ( Surplus, shortage, equilibrium).


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