Educational event

Over the next two weeks, you will search for, and attend, one educational event and provide a write-up about that event. This can include (but is not limited to) a staff meeting, teacher training, school board meeting, etc. Your report should include a description of the event, your thoughts about the event, and an analysis of how you see a specific educational issue related to the event. For example, you may attend a staff meeting and discover that a challenge for the school is finding qualified teachers. You would give a brief description about the meeting itself, your thoughts about the meeting (was it informative, were the topics covered relevant, were there issues with how it was run, the body language of the people in attendance, etc.), and then explain how a lack of quality teachers (or whatever is applicable) is negatively impacting the school and their students. Although it would be nice for you to find relationships between the educational challenge you wrote about in the previous assignment and this one, it is not a requirement. You should not force the educational challenge you previously wrote about into this assignment if there is not a connection.

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