Information Technology (IT) and nursing careers

Research Project 12 pages Career Research Project my career choose nursing and programer IT , PLASE NO PARAPHRASE Overview: This project will involve writing an analytical paper that evaluates and compares 2 careers. You will learn how to use an evaluation matrix to make a better decision about which career to choose. Each student’s thesis statement should center on the choosing which career would be the best. One career must be in the field of your program of study. If your major is undecided or general education, choose a career that interests you. The other one careers must be Information Technology (IT) and nursing careers. In addition to comparing the careers, you will discuss an ethical issue that may arise for those who work in one of the careers, and at least one emerging or “cutting edge” technology used in one of the careers. Write the Paper: Description In this phase you will complete your paper and submit it for a plagiarism check. Be sure to give credit to your sources throughout your paper using the Word reference features to enter internal citations. The body of your paper should include: • A brief explanation of your choice of careers. The body should tell why you weighted the criteria as you did for each career. The weights are based on your opinion. Then the paper should explain any high or low ratings you gave any of the careers based on your research. Discuss how the careers compared to each other with respect to the criteria. Support these ratings (scores) you assign with details from your research (not your opinion). It is not necessary to explain each score in great detail, but you should help your reader understand how you arrived at your scores by presenting specific facts about the career based on research. Also comment on what you discovered. Did you get the results you were expecting? Why or why not? • Include the two Excel elements, your evaluation matrix chart and table, into your Word document in appropriate places (APA requires each figure be at the top of the page). • Identify at least emerging technology in one of you careers. Explain the benefits and limitations of the emerging technology on decision-making and problem solving for the career. Details should be supported by your research. • Evaluate at least one ethical issue for one career. Relate this issue to the identified emerging technologies (above) if possible. In your evaluation discuss how an individual in that career should deal with the ethical issue(s). Support your opinion by citing facts learned in your research. • The Reference page. You should already have this created using the Word Reference feature. You should also use the Word Reference feature to make your internal citations. DO NOT submit the annotated bibliography. You should submit a Works Cited page (APA style). Submit a copy of your paper to the Blackboard assignment link. It will be automatically submitted to SafeAssign to check your paper for plagiarism. You may want to read through this web page about how SafeAssign works: Read through the originality report you receive after submission and make the appropriate edits to your paper for Phase 5. Format Final Paper: your paper according to APA formatting style (see example paper in Blackboard for illustration of this format). It should include: • Title page • Abstract • Body of paper with sources credited parenthetically • The evaluation matrix and chart pasted into the body of the paper at an appropriate place • References page Submit this final draft document (one Word file) and the evaluation matrix (one Excel file) into the Blackboard assignment for this phase.

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