Assessing NBA Organizations: National Basketball Association

Paper details – SOCIOLOGY PAPER: APA format including references – Select an Organization = (NBA), incorporate what type of formal organization NBA is (utilitarian, normative, or coercive). The following are the shared characteristics of formal organizations: – Division of labor and related hierarchy of power and authority – Documented and shared policies, practices, and goals – People act together to achieve a shared goal, not individually – Communication follows a specific chain of command – There is a defined system for replacing members within the organization – They endure through time and are not dependent on the existence or participation of specific individuals – incorporate organizational structure and Weber’s characteristics of bureaucracies, or Robert Merton’s explanation of the “bureaucratic personality”. – Identify selected organizational culture popular within Popular America Culture and describe the organizational and how it fits in with Popular American Culture. – Describe the ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: material objects, behaviors, ideologies, symbols, and knowledge capacity (how they are organized, the values they adopt/embrace, the way they operate) – Conduct an organizational diagnosis (ORGANIZATIONAL ENVIRONMENT) on selected organization (diagnosis ex. what are problems that are occuring?) – Organizational culture and environment must also incorporate social groups such as (key words) primary, secondary, reference group, and in-groups and out-groups (power in groups and organization) – Conclude discussion with insight on what the organization can do to increase productivity, or maintain it


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