Transtheoretical model stages of change for dietary and physical

 Activity 1: (3 points) Please use the assignment of “literature review strategy” to find a systematic review or meta-analysis research article that answers your EBP questions. The student need to use the John Hopkins EBP Research Evidence Appraisal ToolPreview the document (attached on this page) to appraise this research article (systematic review or meta-analysis). Please submit the appraisal tool. Activity 2:(7 points) We have selected 2 systematic review or meta-analysis articles for the student to review and select based upon their specialty area of practice (Adult NP, Pediatric NP, CRNA). The student needs to provide a 2-page appraisal paper for one article in these two. Instructions for the appraisal paper: The paper should not be greater than 2 pages in length (does not include title page or references). The student will be using APA format for this paper. This appraisal paper will need to have an introduction, appraisal of methodology, appraisal of results and clinical implications section. 1. Introduction: Write a brief summary of the significance of the problem identified in the paper. Please propose a EBP question that this article would answer to. PICOT components need to be presented as well. 2. Appraisal of Methodology: Describe total numbers of studies included, type of studies included, pooled sample size, criteria used for review, how many authors reviewed the studies. 3. Appraisal of Results: Describe the results that answer the clinical question, provide appropriate statistics (mean, OR, RR, CI, test of overall effect, heterogeneity test). 4. Clinical Implications: Restate the clinical question formulated from the article. Identify if the study can support a potential clinical practice change. State your rationale for supporting or not supporting adoption or integration of evidence into practice. 5. References

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