Influence of particular psychologists, either alone, in tandem or in

The term essay must be word-processed, conform to APA format (refer to Publication Manual of the APA, 6th ed.), and consist of 8-13 single-sided (1″ margins, 12-point Times Roman font), double-spaced pages excluding the title page, references, and any tables/figure/appendices. Do not include an abstract. Do not insert unnecessary space between paragraphs or sections to increase the number of pages. Essays consisting of fewer than 8 pages will be penalized in proportion to the extent of the page shortage. A strong essay may critically examine the historical development of a particular psychological construct or school of thought. Students may also choose to examine the influence of particular psychologists, either alone, in tandem or in comparison to one another. Regardless of the approach taken, the essential point is for students to choose a topic that is: 1) In line with the subject matter of the course; 2) Goes beyond the material covered in class, in order to demonstrate a capacity for independent research and; 3) Specific enough to permit the student to bring together existing research on the topic in service of their own argumentative position – a good essay allows the voice of the student to be clearly heard.

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