American Revolution

MUST BE IN RULE OF THREE THESIS STATEMENT FORMAT. The ONLY source to use is USE AMERICANYAWP.COM (free online textbook), and the SECONDARY sources are at the end of each chapter. SECONDARY sources- use NO MORE than three quotations, quotes must be no more than two sentences long, and all quotes MUST BE CITED. Chapter 4 and 5 are mainly the chapter that covers the American Revolution. PROMPT: When the American Revolution began, most people around the developed world who were aware of it did NOT believe the American rebels could possibly win. England, after all, was a world power. So—in your opinion, what were the THREE most important reasons _why_ those Americans who rebelled against Great Britain were able to win the American Revolution? EXPLAIN your REASONING with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES. NOTE: You must PROVIDE SPECIFIC and DETAILED HISTORICAL EVIDENCE – cite as appropriate.

#American #Revolution

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