EE3052_Assignment: Matlab analysis and performance evaluation of DCT

Module Title:

Multimedia Digital Signal Processing Assessment Title: Matlab analysis and performance evaluation of DCT and Q in H.264 Weighting: 20% Main objectives of the assessment: • To apply the signal processing principles and techniques studied in the module to the understanding and analysis of two key blocks of H.264 video encoder within the Matlab environment. • To analyse and describe the performance evaluation of the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Quantisation (Q) modules of H.264 video coding standard and analyse their impact on the rate-distortion optimisation of the encoder under various operating conditions.

Brief Description of the assessment:

The work should focus on the following key activities: I. Literature survey: An outlined coverage of: a. A brief history of the H.264 standard b. The encoder structure/block diagram c. The encoder operation and key functionalities d. The adopted block transform strategy II. Discrete Cosine Transform: Matlab code taking a 5-second digital video signal as input and producing the output of the DCT transform of the video frames at various frequency bands and for various block sizes. The outputs should show the transformed video signal (some selected images) in various frequency bands. This should also plot the impulse response of the DCT transform used. III. Quantisation: Matlab code aiming to apply scalar quantisation to the transformed image blocks of part II above in order to find and plot: a. Some selected images in various bands after quantisation b. The frequency response of the quantised image blocks c. The pole-zero diagram of the quantised image blocks Learning outcomes for the assessment: After completing this assignment, you should be able to: o Understand the operation of H.264 compression under different operating conditions. o Evaluate the effect of block size and selected frequency band on the compression efficiency of H.264. o Use Matlab to determine the impulse response and frequency response of the DCT/Q system of H.264. Assessment

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