ASU Building a New Call Center Paper

You are the HR Manager for a cable company that has recently decided to build a new callcenter

to handle customer service issues. Your company is considering four (4) locations for the call
center: Memphis, TN; Montgomery, AL; Jackson, MS; and Baton Rouge, LA. The plans are to
initially hire 100 customer service representatives with the potential to hire another 50
representatives within three (3) years of the facility’s opening. You have been tasked to
determine which location would be best, developing the customer service representative job
description, developing the recruitment program for the position, and determining the selection
process, training program and pay structure for the position.
Prepare the synthesis paper using the following guidelines:

Please demonstrate the following courses in this paper :
o External Workforce Assessment
o Job Description and Job Specifications
o Recruitment Program and Ads
o Selection Process (including the type of interview and interview
o Training Program (including orientation)
o Pay Structure (including pay survey information)
o biblical references

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As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and answers for medical college students, I must demonstrate the ability to carry out research, draft suitable papers and provide detailed solutions to given problems. In response to this content, I will provide a comprehensive answer that addresses each of the required guidelines, culminating in a synthesis paper that shows evidence of external workforce assessment, job description and specifications, recruitment program, selection process, training program, pay structure, and biblical references.


The cable company has to make a choice between Memphis, TN; Montgomery, AL; Jackson, MS; and Baton Rouge, LA to establish a call center to handle customer services. The first step will be to conduct an external workforce assessment to determine which location has a higher concentration of individuals with the skills required for the job, ensures ease of accessibility and has favorable tax structure. A careful analysis of each location’s job market will guide the choice of the site for the call center.

After choosing the appropriate location, it will be necessary to develop a comprehensive job description and specifications that highlight the skills, education and experience required for the job of a customer service representative. The job description should be precise, comprehensive and able to attract the best candidates.

The next step will be to develop a recruitment program and advertisement that adequately targets potential candidates with the specific job description required to be a customer service representative. The program should directly target potential candidates in the job market and attract highly qualified candidates.

The selection process will involve conducting job interviews, with the type of interview primarily dependent on whether it is telephone-based or an in-person interview. The phone interview includes questions such as what made the applicant interested in the job and a discussion about their previous work experience. For in-person interviews, the questions will include a brief introduction of their experience, how they interact with customers and deal with customer complaints. In addition to the interviews, pre-employment tests to assess the applicant’s reasoning, cognitive and language skills may be necessary.

The selected candidates will go through a training program that includes orientation, targeted training, and refresher courses. The orientation program will educate new employees about the company’s history, its mission, culture, and values. The targeted training program will focus on in-depth education about the specific roles, services, and products that the company offers. Their performance will be subject to continuous monitoring and evaluations that will help identify training gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Finally, a fair and equitable pay structure is necessary to retain employees and maintain their motivation levels when engaging with customers. The pay structure will include an analysis of industry benchmarks and pay survey information, which will ensure employees receive compensation at the appropriate and equitable levels for the job done.

Biblical references in handling HR management issues emphasizes the principles of love, justice, and mercy in managing employees. Employers should strive to treat their employees fairly, with dignity and respect, and as equal partners in work. The Bible encourages employers to provide fair compensation and treat their employees with honor and respect (James 5:4).


In conclusion, as the mediator between the cable company and potential employees, I recommend developing a recruitment program that uses advertisements targeted at the job market, an optimal selection process to identify the best candidates, a comprehensive training program designed to improve employee capacity, and a fair pay structure. The cable company will benefit from having competent and motivated customer service representatives, which will lead to a better customer experience and increased profits.

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