GCU Adverse Implications of Changes to A Projects Scope Discussion

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What are some of the downstream implications for a change in scope on a project? Provide a specific scenario to support your answer.

Project Management for the Advanced Practice Nurse 

Sipes, C. (2019). Project management for the advanced practice nurse (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company. ISBN-13: 9780826161956

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Downstream implications refer to the consequences of a change in scope on a project. It is important for project managers, including Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs), to understand the potential impacts of making changes to project scope.

The downstream implications of a change in scope on a project can range from budgetary concerns to delays in project completion. For example, imagine an APN managing a diabetes education program for a rural community. The project scope includes delivering a series of educational sessions to diabetic patients over the course of six months. However, the APN receives feedback from the patients that they would prefer to have educational videos they could watch at home instead of attending in-person sessions. The APN decides to change the project scope and creates a series of videos.

The downstream implications of this change in scope include the need to purchase or rent equipment for video production, delays in the original timeline while videos are being created, and potential budgetary concerns if the change requires additional funds. Additionally, the APN may need to adjust the evaluation plan to ensure that the video education is as effective as the in-person sessions.

Overall, it is important for APNs involved in project management to carefully consider the potential downstream implications of any proposed changes to project scope.

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