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Using Indeed.com or HIMSS Career site locate one position that requires both health information management (HIM) and health information technology (HIT) competencies outlined in CAHIMS/CPHIMS certifications. Compare your skills and credentials with these requirements and devise a plan to close any gaps.

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As per the content, the question is related to locating a job position that requires Health Information Management (HIM) and Health Information Technology (HIT) competencies. For this, Indeed.com or HIMSS Career sites could be used to search for such positions.

After locating a job position, the next step would be to compare the skills and credentials with the requirements outlined in CAHIMS/CPHIMS certifications. If any gaps are identified, a plan must be devised to close these gaps.

To close any gaps, one could enroll in relevant courses or certification programs to gain the required skills and competencies. For instance, taking courses related to electronic health records (EHRs), data analysis, information security, or healthcare compliance could help improve the HIM and HIT competencies required for the job position. Additionally, one could gain practical experience by volunteering or interning in related fields to enhance their skills.

In conclusion, locating a job position that requires both HIM and HIT competencies and devising a plan to close any gaps would involve using job search platforms, comparing skills with certification requirements, and enrolling in relevant courses or gaining practical experience.

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