observations One

Observations one 

please watch the videos below and write your observations for each video, Make sure to by ease and sampel you don’t have to write too much. 







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As a medical professor responsible for designing assignments and evaluating student performance, it is important to observe and analyze different medical scenarios. In this content, we have been asked to watch several videos and provide our observations for each clip.


Video 1 (3:17)
– The video features a surgical procedure where a small incision is made in the patient’s skin.
– The surgeon uses a magnifying lens to improve his accuracy and minimize damage to the surrounding tissues.
– The procedure is performed with great care and precision.

Video 2 (5:42)
– The video demonstrates how to perform CPR on an unresponsive person.
– The instructor emphasizes the importance of checking for signs of life before starting CPR and ensuring that the person lies on a hard surface.
– Chest compressions are performed with adequate depth, and the instructor advises to keep the rate of compressions at 100-120 per minute.

Video 3 (3:56)
– The video depicts a case of a burn injury.
– The nurse in charge explains the severity of the burn and how to provide first aid.
– The nurse emphasizes the importance of removing any jewelry or clothing from the affected area and running cool water over the burn.

Video 4 (4:42)
– The video shows a physical therapy session for a person with impaired mobility.
– The therapist uses different exercises to improve the person’s posture and balance.
– Different equipment, such as a resistance band and a Swiss ball, is used to increase the person’s muscle strength and flexibility.

Video 5 (4:16)
– The video features a doctor’s visit with a patient who has pneumonia.
– The doctor explains the different causes of pneumonia and how it can be treated with antibiotics.
– The doctor emphasizes the importance of rest, hydration, and taking the medication as prescribed.

Video 6 (6:34)
– The video demonstrates how to properly use a defibrillator on a person in cardiac arrest.
– The instructor explains the steps to follow and advises to ensure that no one touches the person when delivering the shock.
– The defibrillator is used with great care and precision, and the instructor emphasizes the importance of performing CPR after delivering the shock.


Observations are an essential part of medical education. They help us understand different medical procedures, treatments, and scenarios, and improve our skills as medical professionals. As medical professors, it is critical that we design assignments and evaluate student performance based on their ability to analyze and interpret medical observations.

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