Public Health Concerns and Promotional Activities in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Health has asked you to present a powerpoint presentation that summarizes the top three public health concerns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the status of current promotional activities, and your recommendations for improvement. 

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As a medical professor, I was recently asked by the Saudi Ministry of Health to present a powerpoint presentation on the top three public health concerns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the status of current promotional activities, and my recommendations for improvement. After conducting thorough research and analyzing the current trends, here are my answers:

Answer 1:

The top three public health concerns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are:

1. Obesity- Over the past few years, the Kingdom has experienced rapid urbanization leading to a change in lifestyle patterns. Eating fast food, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and an increase in the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks have made obesity a significant public health issue.

2. Diabetes- With the rapid increase in obesity, there has been a subsequent increase in cases of diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) statistics indicate that one in five adults in Saudi Arabia suffers from diabetes.

3. Cardiovascular diseases – A sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet regime, and an increase in the smoking habit have resulted in a rise in cardiovascular diseases. According to the Saudi Heart Association, the burden of cardiovascular diseases in the Kingdom is increasing.

Answer 2:

As per the current promotional activities, the Ministry of Health has been taking several initiatives for public health. The measures include:

1. Establishing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
2. Implementing the National Health Information Center.
3. Introducing preventive health programs like the “Beat Diabetes” program and “Anti-smoking.”

Answer 3:

To decrease the prevalence of public health concerns in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health can take the following recommendations:

1. Improve dietary habits – Promoting healthy eating habits and discouraging junk food consumption by imposing a high tax on sugar-sweetened beverages and unhealthy food.

2. Encouraging active lifestyle – Initiating public awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of physical activity and incorporating physical activity programs in schools and workplaces.

3. Ensuring access to healthcare facilities – Improving healthcare infrastructure and the availability of medical professionals can lead to early diagnosis and improved treatment of chronic diseases.


In conclusion, the current public health concerns in Saudi Arabia can be curbed by addressing the root causes of these concerns. The government can, in turn, promote and support a healthy lifestyle, provide accessible, and affordable healthcare facilities. By doing so, we could enable Saudi Arabia’s citizens to lead a healthy, disease-free life.

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