respond to a peers discussion over “women in ga fakes pregnancy” article


Please read the attached article about a woman who faked a pregnancy for paid time off from work.

What do you think about this situation.  Employees are expected to follow their employers code of ethics, not to mention mission, vision, and values.  So how did this happen?  This is one’s personal business, we learned that in an interview we don’t ask certain questions (questions that can be personal & cause bias), which really applies to everyday work within the department. 

Going back to chapter 6, Termination for cause and due process were discussed and an investigation must be carried out.  Based on the employee grievance process steps, what do you think this looked for for the employee in question?  How did her co-workers suspect such an instance let alone have her investigated? What would you have done? or Would you have kept to yourself?  

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Introduction: The situation discussed in the article about the woman who faked a pregnancy for paid time off from work raises ethical questions about employee behavior in the workplace. As a medical professor, I understand the importance of ethical conduct in the medical profession.

1. What do you think about this situation?
Answer: I believe that faking a pregnancy to obtain paid time off from work is unethical and dishonest behavior. It goes against the code of ethics that employees are expected to follow in the workplace. This situation can damage relationships between employees and their employer, as well as between co-workers.

2. What do you think the employee grievance process looked like for the employee in question?
Answer: The employee grievance process would likely involve an investigation into the situation to verify if the employee had committed any misconduct or violation of company policies. The process would have involved interviewing the employee, co-workers, and any supervisors involved in the situation. It would be crucial to ensure that the employee in question received due process, and any decisions made were fair and reasonable.

3. How did her co-workers suspect such an instance, let alone have her investigated? What would you have done?
Answer: It is possible that her co-workers noticed inconsistencies in her behavior and raised concerns with their supervisors, which ultimately led to an investigation. As a medical professor, I firmly believe that any time an employee’s behavior appears out of line, it should be reported to their supervisor. In this case, if I had noticed or suspected the employee was faking a pregnancy, I would have raised my concerns with the appropriate personnel and allowed them to investigate the matter.

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