1)What is your definition of spiritual care? How does it differ or accord with the description given in the topic readings? Explain. with citation and references 2)When it comes to facilitating spiri

1)What is your definition of spiritual care? How does it differ or accord with the description given in the topic readings? Explain. with citation and references 2)When it comes to facilitating spiritual care for patients with worldviews different from your own, what are your strengths and weaknesses? If you were the patient, who would have the final say in terms of ethical decision-making and intervention in the event of a difficult situation?. with citation and references 

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Introduction: As a medical professor, it is important to understand the importance of spiritual care in patient treatment. It is also essential to recognize that patients come from different worldviews, and it is necessary to facilitate spiritual care for all patients effectively.

1) My definition of spiritual care is the provision of emotional and spiritual support to patients facing physical and mental challenges. It involves recognizing the patient’s individual beliefs, values, and culture, which help to provide a holistic approach to healthcare. According to McSherry and Ross (2019), spiritual care involves providing compassionate care that recognizes the patient’s spiritual needs and their ability to access their inner and external resources.

2) As a medical professional, my strengths include having empathy towards patients irrespective of their beliefs and worldview. I can also manage to communicate effectively, by actively listening and responding appropriately to the patient’s needs. On the other hand, one of my weaknesses would be a lack of knowledge about certain beliefs, culture, and practices that differ from mine, making it somewhat challenging to provide adequate spiritual care.

If I were the patient and faced a difficult situation, the healthcare provider would have the final say. However, they must involve the patient, their family, or any relevant party in the ethical decision-making process as much as possible to ensure the patient’s rights and welfare are protected (DeCicco, 2019).


DeCicco, T. (2019). Ethical Dilemmas and Decision Making in Spiritual Care. Medical Ethics Advisor, 35(10), 109-112.

McSherry, W., & Ross, L. (2019). Spiritual Assessment in Healthcare Practice(Second edition). M&K Publishing.

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