**** very important assignment*** see attached paper to Synthesize the articles !!!!! pls synthesize, note the commonalities of the 15 articles, page length should be 8-10 pgs. pls fix corrections hi

 **** very important assignment***

see attached paper to Synthesize the articles !!!!!  the paper is already written, I only synthesize section reworked page length should be 8-10 , I have 14 it needs to be condensed. pls fix corrections highlighted in yellow. THis is extremely important, see attached template as a reference for page length and information requesting . refer to the literature review table at the end of the manuscript for the articles. 

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As a medical professor, it is important to guide and assist students in their academic endeavors. In this case, the task at hand is to synthesize articles and rework a paper to condense it into 8-10 pages. This assignment is vital and requires attention to detail and thoroughness.

I understand the importance of this assignment and the need for a strong synthesis of the selected articles. I will ensure that I carefully review the paper, make the necessary corrections highlighted in yellow, and rework it to fit the requested page length of 8-10 pages. Additionally, I will refer to the literature review table provided at the end of the manuscript to ensure that I cover all relevant points. It is my priority to provide quality feedback that will enhance the learning experience of my students.

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